(Originators of Natural Balance Dentistry)
Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry
Spencer LaFlure,
Director of Dental Studies;
Founder of Natural Balance Dentistry (NBD)

869 High Street, Athol, NY 12810
40 million years of evolution cannot be wrong; but 100 years of bad options could be. AWHD's paradigm is often imitated but never equaled when it comes to the enhancement of motion, mass, neurology, and overall balance of the horse.

What Sets Our School Apart From Other Dental Schools?


40 MILLION years of evolution can’t be wrong, but 100 years of bad opinions could be.

As leaders in Horse Dentistry, we have created a new neuromuscular Natural Balance Dentistry ™ which is more anatomically correct and safer method of dental care for horses.

During a consultation we take the whole horse into consideration by evaluating asymmetry; particularly pre-maxilla and pre-mandible, muscle mass, and posturing. All this is either positively or negatively affected by the alignment of the occlusal surfaces of the tooth tables. We put extra focus around the range of motion of the head, neck and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) as well as anterior posterior (A/P) movement of the jaw. (Note, all movement is left up to the animal and
not pushed around by humans.) The goal is to treat the cause of the problems we see, not just the symptoms observed. After a thorough examination of the mouth our procedure begins with
balancing the front teeth (incisors) first, since this has the greatest point of influence on the TMJ. The incisor work is performed with extreme precision, taking into account what is anatomically correct for each individual horse. (Asymmetry of pre-maxilla, crown height or pre-mandible causing wedges, waves or other pathologies.) A perfect alignment of a domestic horse would be the length and angle of a five year old and never change from this their entire life. Take a close look at the aging chart at each age; the wear and eruption must be equal. Further, we balance the cheek teeth through adjustment of enamel fold to increase A/P motion (molars), by maximizing the surface-to-surface contact while leaving optimal angle, to maintain the Curve of Cameron, natural texture, and good cutting edges, multiple across whole tooth. This is vital for the well being of the horse, not just for proper digestion, but even more importantly, for a neuromuscular balanced body through a balanced TMJ= Centric relation and centric occlusion, incisors and molar bite plains as their relationship is as critical to proprioceptive and neuromuscular range of movement of horses legs as proper alignment of a USB flash drive is to a computer.
This is because teeth are calcified nerves that must be anatomically correct in their alignment to allow for maximum mass of body and maximum horsepower. The horses have proven to us time and time again, that such alterations to dynamic motion, propreoceptive neurological function
and actual muscle mass of the whole horse, occurs as a result of improved anatomically correct dental alignment by addressing enamel folds to increase A/P movement. While working on the horse we allow them to drop their head down into a relaxed position, which allows the TMJ and cervical vertebrae to stay in a more natural position as well as creating the ability of jaw moving
as far forward or anterior as possible (this is critical to our concept of Natural Balance Dentistry.)
With the smallest blade size in the industry focus on adjustment of enamel folds of molar table surface not pathology such as hooks, ramps, waves etc. Our instruments are hand held and ergonomically designed to allow for greater precision of adjustment of the bite plains
and increased comfort for the horse.
Our neuromuscular Natural Balance Dentistry concepts for horses should not be compared to that of human dentistry. Neuromuscular dentistry in humans is incorrect, in our opinion, in its approach of using a T.E.N.’s unit (Transcutaneous Neural Stimulator). T.E.N.’s Unit is a modality used to help relax muscles to relieve TMJ induced myo-spasms in humans and to fire masseter and temporalis muscles to find centricity to bite.
Meet The Leaders in Horse Dentistry

We put the whole horse in mind (all parts considered, or a holistic approach). We use Ranches and Ranch Resorts around the country as our campus. When students become certified, we give them clients to start their business with. We also teach head anatomy, horse handling, body work and its relationship with the dentistry. Our goal is to provide the horse with the ultimate in dental balance that we have proven (under the guidance of our Director, Spencer LaFlure, Director of Dental Studies) actually fits the horse by returning centric relationship of the TMJ, enhancing overall movement and performance as well as developing muscle mass in the top-line. The centering of the TMJ turns on the stomatognathic system which, neurologically speaking, is 70% of any species’ neurology from its shoulders forward. Also, with a huge connection to the sacrum and the pelvis. This has been proven time and time again to us through the horse as it relates to mass, dynamic motion and neurological function of the whole horse. We believe the ultimate in dental balance to be a new technique developed by Spencer LaFlure. That is balancing the mouth starting with the front teeth first, setting up the paradigm, then going on to balance the molars (maximizing surface to surface contact) and giving centric relation to the TMJ to fit each horse anatomically. As 40 million years of evolution can’t be wrong but 100 years of bad opinions could be.  We call this Natural Balance Dentistry®.


Horseman's Guide to Natural Balance Dentistry


Preview of our New DVD, “Horseman’s Guide to Natural Balance Dentistry®”


Become a Natural Balance Dentist (TM) Based on FACTS not Opinions!

Study years of empirical evidence gathered at our learning centers.

Work on and with herds of 80-100 horses.

Our student’s results are consistent, unparalleled science of horse dentistry.

“When the general public begins to accept the fat that incisors are not supposed to erupt in domestic horses without proper and constant wear. When the incisors look like that of a five year old horse for its entire life, then the end result will be similar to the photos you have seen in aging charts for horse’s teeth.” Spencer C. LaFlure, Director of Dental Studies.

We are focused on FACTS.

FACT: Incisors need to wear as they erupt throughout the life of the horse or stay the length and angle of a five year old domestic horse.

FACT: There is a mathematical equation which allows for a balanced mouth and no points or excessive edges as these are just symptoms of an imbalance.

FACTS:   Are what separates us from “Equine Dentists” and veterinarians.

FACT:   We acknowledge that a horse needs optimal molar table angles to maintain a proper Curve of Cameron.

Curve of Cameron

Curve of Cameron

FACT:  “Equine Dentists” and veterinarians focus on the removal of edges that will actually
invert the Curve of Cameron . (They confuse the Curve of Wilson with the Curve of Cameron. The Curve of Wilson relates to humans and is completely opposite in a horse.)  This is a HUGE neurological mistake.
FACT: We “Natural Balance Dentists ™”, focus on equilibrating enamel folds thereby restoring propreoception, neurofunction, increase Anterior/Posterior (A/P) guidance of the mandible by maximizing the surface-to- surface contact, centric relation and centric occlusion which in turn improves body mass, mastication and neurological stimulus.
Curve of Wilson (in humans)

Curve of Wilson (in humans)

FACT: We leave as much texture as possible as we know that a horse needs this and good cutting edges on its molar arcades. This is vital for not only proper digestion but even more importantly for neuromuscular balance of the body through the temprolmandibular joint (TMJ).
FACT: We know that teeth are calcified nerves and we know that changing the bite plains for eating (which is what “Equine Dentists” and Vets do) is detrimental to the horse. Changing bite plain angles can and will create imbalance in flight of appendages, body mass, propreoception as well as neuromuscular function of the horse.


ID Card Information – Ask for the Card!

A student must present a current ID card from Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry. This ID card indicates that they are approved and are in good standing with us. If they don’t have a current ID card to present to you the client, that means they are NO longer associated with us. PLEASE ASK FOR THE CARD!spencerphotoid