Originators of Natural Balance Dentistry
Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry
Spencer LaFlure,
Director of Dental Studies;
Founder of Natural Balance Dentist (NBD)

869 High Street, Athol, NY 12810

Horse Dentistry Classes Held at Ranches and Ranch Resorts

Instrument Placement

Horse Dental School: Natural Balance Dentistry Classes

Our classes are based on a levels program (levels 1-6) with level 6 being possible certification. In order to receive the best possible education, we have small class sizes with a limited number of students per instructor allowing for a quality educational experience.

Classes run in two-week increments (five days 9am-9pm) held on Ranches and Ranch Resorts as well, on the East coast. Additional locations and class sessions are scheduled to be added as our number of students increase, to provide the same small teacher student ratio we believe necessary for excellence in instruction. Certified Instructors who are the pioneers in the field teach our classes based on our state-of-the-art techniques.

Our classes are held in two- week increments, because we understand that our students have busy lives outside of class. Instead of the more traditional six week or longer sessions that many schools have, we offer our students two-week long intensive study twice a year. This allows students to choose the location and time to attend that suits their schedule best. After each week is completed students must complete another 50 hours’ study at home. The home study allows us to understand where each student’s level of understanding is in regards to the paradigm so as to maximize the student’s study at the ranch.

Class Room

Unlike your average school, where you attend class and then go home, at our learning centers you are together (students & teachers) 24/7 – eating meals, having meetings, and even playing together. This facilitates as much “question & answer” time as you, the student, need to get the most out of the time dedicated to learn with us. Discussions, meetings, and demos are held in the evenings. Ninety percent of the learning experience we offer is hands-on.

Students are provided with a Reading/Reference list of topics and books to study at home as an integral part of the education process prior to attending class. These texts will provide the foundational terminology and anatomy that will be focused on during the course. We believe it is easier for students to study terminology at home instead of paying to study the same thing at school.

Practical exams are given and a levels program is used to determine excellence.  Business skills are also covered. We have a specialized curriculum and offer certification. When a student becomes certified we will give them clients to start their own business, and we have a support group to help keep them going.


Horse Handling with Horseman Tom Curtin

Our classes are open to students of all experience levels:

Level 1 – Is the orientation process in which the student learns to recognize enamel folds in the equine mouth and be able to balance the mouth (incisors first to the back of the mouth in theory). Prior to Level 1, the student should study and become familiar with terminology (textbook provided after registration) You must also take and pass the Equine Anatomy on-line course through www.equinology.com. The course cost is free; the test is $25 and is an open-book test. The name of the course is “EQ-50″. Certification and passing grade must be turned in prior to start of class.

Level 2 – Beginning to be able to back up theory by doing physical changes.

Level 3 – Is to become more capable of actually being able to balance a whole mouth (Wolf Teeth and Cap Extractions understood in theory.)

Level 4 – Is to physically be able to balance and refine details.

Level 5 – Students should be able to address asymmetries of head and body, and balance the mouth anatomically fitting to the whole. Student should show ability to extract wolf teeth and caps.

Level 6 – We feel students should be ready to certify if they have that desire. We would require two months’ notification if they do wish to certify. However, we acknowledge that some students may want to come as many times as they like for continuing education only, with no desire for certification. Certification at Level 6 is a practical exam over the course of the five days of Level 6.

  • All Levels are based on a passing assessment of each Level by full board review of individual student.
  • After Certification, continuing education is required every two years to maintain certification.

STAR Program 2011

Certified students are encouraged to join the Star Program. There will be Level 1-5 Star Advanced Certification Programs. You are welcome to assistant- instruct as many times as you like, but the minimums for each Star Level must be met.

Star 1 – You must attend as an assistant instructor (this is a non-paid position, with no charge for class and all expenses paid) five times and begin work on your thesis proposal, during the Star 1 program. Your thesis must be approved by Spencer before proceeding to Star 2. The thesis proposal must be in writing showing an in-depth explanation of the area you will explore in your thesis, and submitted to Spencer for approval. (This should be 1.5 – 2 pages.)

Star 2 – In order to start star 2 you must have thesis proposal approval (this is a non-paid position, with no charge for class and all expenses paid). You should be performing an independent study pertaining to your thesis. A log or journal should be kept of your research. Also you should attend as an assistant instructor once during your Star 2. A rough draft of your thesis must be submitted and approved to complete Star 2.

Star 3 – The beginning portion of Star 3 is the submission of the thesis’ final copy for approval. The final submission must be one printed copy and one Word Pad file. You must also assistant instruct one time. The final portion of Star 3 is a presentation of your thesis at school, with a question and answer period at the end. You will be responsible for all props, fliers, etc. used during your presentation. After completion of Star 3 you will then be added to the paid instructor pool.

Star 4 & Star 5 – in development stage.

Upcoming Class Dates

Please contact us or call Judy LaFlure at (518) 623-9967 to check availability.

Click here to download our class registration form. AWHDRegistrationPolicyFormApril2014NEWEST

Students are responsible for all travel, transportation and accommodations.  When making reservations, mention you are a student of Spencer LaFlure’s Advanced Whole Horse Dental School.    

                          NEW CLASS DATES:    

           *****************FEBRUARY – 2015 – ***********

                              February 23, 24, 25 and 26th

                              SOUTHERN CROSS GUEST RANCH

                                   Madison, GA

* This class is for certified Students.



                                    APRIL 2015 – Ridin’-Hy Ranch, NY

                                        ALL LEVELS                                                IMG_0395

                                       Week 1: April 27th -May 1st

                                      Week 2: May 4th – May 8th


                              NOVEMBER 2015 – Malibu Ranch, Milford, PA

                                     ALL LEVELS                               malibu-ranch

                                Week 1: November 2nd – November 6th

                                Week 2: November 9- November 13th


On-line any time!

Dr. Deb Bennet highly recommends this free on-line “EQ-50: Equine Anatomy Precourse Distance Study”. This course must be completed with a passing grade and certificate within one year of passing your Level 1/2.


 Class Information

All classes include:

  • 2 Week Intensive Classes
  • Cost – Tuition: $3,730 (50% deposit required to reserve space $1,865)

    Class Photo at Rocking Horse Ranch, Highland, NY

    Class Photo at Rocking Horse Ranch, Highland, NY

  • Class Sizes Limited
    90% Hands On Work
  • Group Research and Discussion
  • Availability of trying instruments to see which best fits
  • Seminars at night
  • Demos of horse handling for specific situations
  • Availability of time with Instructors (24/7)
  • Accommodations will vary with each class and location and are the responsibility of the student to
  • reserve and pay for.

ID Card Information

A Natural Balance Dentist must present a current ID card from Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry. This ID card indicates that they are approved and are in good standing with us. If they don’t have a current ID card to present to you the client, that means they are NO longer associated with us. PLEASE ASK FOR THE CARD!                           spencerphotoid